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“Dr. Hicks is amazing! He is compassionate for all animals and is upfront and honest. He has a wonderful “bedside manner” and has such a heart when it came to the euthanasia of our loved one.”
— Lucy M.

“Dr Hicks is one of the last of the Old School veterinarians. He is a very kind and caring doctor who takes as much time as needed with your pet. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else.”
— Daryl F.

“This is the absolute best pet hospital ever! All of our family go to Dr. Hicks. He doesn’t rush you, no one will pressure you to spend more, the staff is amazing. I have never been so happy with a vet.”
— A. G.

“Very, very nice staff and Dr. Priced right and didn’t try to add a ton of extra costs on. In fact they even gave us medication (sample) to try out on kitty to test for efficiency. It worked and kitty is happy and doing well. They will be our new permanent vet.”
— Pauline B.

“Dr. Hicks has been treating my animals for 19 years. He stayed all night (himself) with my bulldog, Lulabelle, who was having a difficult time with seizures. Wonderful veterinarian!”
— Marilyn I.

“The best vet! My girls love going….even get excited before I park. Dr. Hick is a wonderful doctor. I refur all my clients and they love him!”
— Trisha J.

“Thankyou and your lovely and caring staff Dr Hicks for the kind gentle and compassionate experience we had with you with our dear Olivia. We will never forget it.”
— Lola H.

“The Best Vet in the valley .. So caring and informative.. I’m super happy with the Doctor and the Staff.”
— Kari T.

“Dr. Hicks is not only extremely knowledgeable but makes sure you know what to do once your fur baby is back home. He follows up with call that day just to find out how things are going. One if the best vets in the Valley.”
— Ingrid M.

“They are very busy but they make you feel welcome, accommodate your concerns / needs, very strict protocols for Covid-19 and their procedures. I have 2 service dogs plus a 20 yr old Conure Parrot and used to work in the veterinarian field so I’m very picky. I drive over 30 mins to the veterinarian and will continue to do so for as long as I have animals.”
— Raven T.

“Dr. Hicks is wonderful and his staff is so friendly and kind. They helped me find a new feline friend when my special friend cleocatra had to go to Kitty heaven.”
— Kathleen D.

“Dr. Hicks is wonderful. Years ago he saved my lovebird’s life, with much personal engagement. Two years ago he expertly healed the broken jaw of one of my cats, which made a full recovery.
Dr. Hicks has his own practice, he’s not affiliated with a group, so he can charge less money than the big groups, that makes it easier on the pocketbook. But you didn’t hear that from me.
He has an energy to calm your pet, that automatically calms you down as well.
His staff is just as wonderful.
I always recommend Dr. Hicks to friends…and I myself would never go to another vet.
I really do hope that he stays in practice for a long time – our animals need him!!”
— Petra F.